It’s Been a Busy Year!

Hey!  We’re mid-way thru the year!  Hope you’re doing well and that you’re getting lots of filming in this summer.

Here’s a quick look at the handful of videos we’ve produced so far this year:



Happy 2017! Bring on the Bloopers!

We're Looking Forward to a Busy Year

2017 is finally here! After a very successful 2016 we here are Rainey Media are very much looking forward to what the new year has to offer.  The next few months are already shaping up to be busy and productive.

Over the past few months we have produced many high quality videos for our clients. Today I want to share one with you that we do at the end of every year: Michael Hyatt’s 2016 Blooper Reel – enjoy!

Michael Hyatt – Family & Fly Fishing

Hey there,

It sure has been a while since we’ve posted on this site. Rather than playing catch up on all of the different projects we’ve worked on these past few months, and believe me, our plate has been been full, we would like to share two videos with you.

Recently, best selling author and blogger, Michael Hyatt, opened up a new productivity course titled Free to Focus™. In order to promote the course, we produced two very special videos. The first one focuses on Michael’s passion for fly fishing and how it allows him to free his mind.  The second one is all about his family and how important they are to him.


It’s not too often we get the chance to create short, focused videos for our clients in the online space, so these promos are a nice change of pace from the long-form content that we spend the bulk of our time producing. We are incredibly proud of how these videos turned out, and believe them to be some of our finest work to date.

Check out both videos below and let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter.

Fly Fishing Video

Family Video


Gus Yacoub

Ontario Ginseng Growers Association – The Farmer’s Story

Having grown up in a family of ginseng farmers and spent time living in Hong Kong, I’m proud to have been able to produce this short marketing video for the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association of Ontario.

Two Ontario Farmers describe the hard work and passion they put into growing the high quality ginseng.  Follow the process from the fields of Southern Ontario to the streets of Hong Kong.


Introducing the Video Production Toolkit 2016 Edition

Hi there,

We hope your 2016 is off to a creative and productive start!  Wow, another NEW YEAR, which means we definitely got NEW GEAR!  <— see what I did there?

To show you our appreciation for following us on Facebook , Twitter, and being on our list we wanted to make sure you were one of the first to get our FREE Video Production Toolkit 2016 Edition!


It’s chock-full of gear goodness: Camera, Lights, Mics, Smartphones, Stabilizers, Apps, and so much more.

We show you exactly WHAT we use and WHY we use it.  It’s a valuable resource for video producers of all levels.

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Thanks for all of your continued support. We hope you enjoy this new edition of the toolkit!